Apple Increases Prices Of Its Products And Apps

Apple have increased the price of its products and apps due to the UK decision to leave the EU.



The reason is because in the exchange rate, and is costing more money to deliver the goods into the country, this includes content in the app store.

An iPhone SE 16GB went up by £20 although you can still get it for £329 at Carphone Warehouse, the price increases can be seen from Apple on the website and instore but from other vendors it will take some time, so if you are looking for an Apple device including a refurbished one, you better get your skates on!

Others mobile phone makers have also looking at increasing its prices for the UK market, where will this end? it wont end, everything will go up that is delivered into the country, the government must now reduce VAT in response to this, but it highly unlikely this will happen.

An app that was once 69p will now be 99p, but if you get a game that was once £4.99 this will jump to £6.99, we are still not sure why apps are affected since it is digital, either way brexit is bad for the country and it is now to late, we cannot turn back the clock.


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