UPDATED: Your Housing Group In Partington Has Some Nasty Changes In Operation!

Your Housing Group who are a very successful housing group  with property in many places in the north-west.

Your Housing Group HQ

Changes to the company took place recently and we can now reveal that the group no longer has housing officers.

Instead people will have to ring the response number or contact them through the website, we feel this may put vulnerable people at risk.

People in Partington and Sale were not aware of these changes, one man who does not wished to be named was already disgusted with the running of Partington office, but now things are far worse.

He said: “Response was always a slow service and can clearly recall them complaining about the strain the service was under, this will make things worse and a serious problem could result, I am not even sure they still have a community safety officer, although they were useless anyway!.”

The group has a bad record from what we can see with dealing with anti social behaviour and letting in people who maybe should not have been due to bad record etc, we conducted a poll and it was clear that people in Partington were not happy with the housing group.

We have heard although cannot confirm that a couple of areas have dumped the group for someone else, leaving the group slightly torn apart, it is with some hope that Partington can also pull away, thus helping free the area of the dark shadow it has over it.

The community safety team was built for a one-sided farce, when all they had to do was stay in between, and not take ‘face value’ as gospel! they did and many very deceptive people got away with many things, they did not get the right training for such a role.

Your Housing Group does have happy customers in other areas, and with this article we hope that the group can look again at its troubled Partington office that also deals with people from Sale, and make changes to make sure people can talk to someone be it on the phone or by email and not always response which can not help with immediate issues and often in a melt-down.

We aim to expose those that have done wrong, those that if justice was on the side of the innocent and many people from this housing association at the Partington office have failed residents in a very bad way.

One family who we will not name had nothing but trouble with people around them, they had children and many times people smashed windows of their house, leaving smashed glass on the bed where they slept, assaults outside the house, on the road, you name it and the family were never out of that housing office, and on the phone to police for protection.

We are aware of another smaller family who were targeted for nothing, maybe just because they were vulnerable! and again they got no help from housing, I know others will have had issues and familiar with what has been said.

The problems continue for people, continue because the housing group have failed the very people who keep it alive, the shame on all them housing officer more so the woman who boasted to me about her twenty-five years aka Linda.

The biggest idiot known to man Keir who sided with some bad people, it would not surprise me if he was paid to help the offenders! although that is speculation, this man once said to a resident who was having serious problems with his neighbours “We believe your neighbours over you” he also kept harassing the resident and lied about his neighbours status.

He claimed they owned the flat, and that the garden was also there’s, only for two years later, he himself made the error by saying to the same man “It’s housing association property and so is the garden” why did he lie for?

The community safety officers that need to go back and study what it means to stay in between and not side with anyone, to also go back and learn that the first words are not the truth, you have to fully investigate someones claims, by using techniques to get the truth, not  to accept what has been said in 20 mins! we are not sure if they are still working in that role, but if they are ,they need to be brought in and re trained with immediate effect.

One other housing officer called Sheila could only smirk and laugh at one mans neighbour problems, so bad it was that even the housing group replaced her, back then when it was under Harvest.

This article is not intended to harm any individual or the housing group, but to highlight and expose the issues that people face day in day out, vulnerable people they are failing, we could contact political people but seriously they haven’t a clue what is going on!



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  1. Just stumbled across your article an thought you should know that two other parts of Your Housing Group are actually leaving the group, Leasowe Community Homes are aiming to complete their breakaway from YHG and a merger is going through between Derwent &Solway and Two Castles, they anticipate that this will be complete by the end of the summer.

    This is mainly due to way that YHG is ignoring the wishes of their tenants (after gutting the tenant consultative panles and removing the power of veto that they had) and turning away from social housing in favor of the Hive Development type project on the Liverpool riverfront and the joint project with a Chinese concrete company.


    • Hello Harry, thanks for the message, interesting information, YHG it seems cares only about its profits and shareholders, we had several complaints about them down this way, more so from the Partington office, huge failures by past HO and community safety team has blighted the areas they cover, which is Partington and Sale here in Trafford.


  2. Keir and Donna might off been useless, but I found Ben very helpful not sure it’s right to name any off these people without them being able to defend them self’s


      • Well this your opinion! Ben was always helpful and got to the bottom of problems it’s unfair to put Ben in the same bracket as Keir and Donna when Ben took over from the mess them useless pair it was better. But this is old news Keir left the role over 2 years ago and Ben 8 months ago the problem with the housing in Partington is the manager who hates Partington and the hates the people that live here, so attack him.i agree Donna is not fit for purpose a should not be safety community office


      • Well no this article reflects the opinion of many people we asked, we looked at this again and amended the article slightly, the article also was a reflection of what has happened, giving people a taste of the issues people faced and are still facing, we contacted the housing for comment but nothing came back, I hope the amendment is to your liking, and thanks for your messages.


  3. Lastly, as I am now clocking off, the housing has a couple of managers, it may have changed as most things have now, I cannot believe they have got ridden of the housing officers, we will continue to probe dont your worry! justice will be served and a wrong put right! but in the right way, I was not aware Ben had left, and you are the only one who gave him the thumbs up! but your feedback as is all others are important to us, we take them seriously so that everyone is happy with what we do, thanks again and good night.


  4. But I thought YHG had a new team managing the regeneration of Partington? With a project officer and an employment and skills Officer?


    • Hi, they do and it with some hope that this new group of people can be more focused on dealing with the many issues Partington faces, we have found out the community safety officers have no real training, we spoke with one officer and could not believe how much information this guy was giving us, the only way to regenerate Partington is to replace YHG, get a housing group that cares not just about its shareholders and profits but the people, they are responsible for what goes on in the area, and up to now in our books have been irresponsible, we continue to probe into the housing group and will no doubt be doing another article on what is one if not the worst housing associations in Greater Manchester.


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