Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock Has Been Reset And Moves Slightly Closer To Midnight

Whatever you may think of the doomsday clock, atomic scientists believe that the nearer the clock gets to midnight, the more chance there could be for disaster to humanity.


The clock today Jan 26 moved half a second towards midnight, and now stands at two and a half minutes to midnight.

With global changes, such as Trump becoming president, the problems with terrorism and climate issues and other things not listed have caused this half a second change.

Fear not though! the clock has been very close to midnight a few times and nothing happened, but that was in the days of the cold war, when US and Russia would not even speak to each other.

In today’s world it’s a little bit more complex, and humanity must change its ways or face the ultimate consequences of our actions.

You can read the full statement HERE

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