Greater Manchester Law Centre Official Opening Coming Soon! Offering Free Legal Advice And Representation

Greater Manchester Law Centre is an organisation that aims to provide free legal advice and representation to the residents of Greater Manchester and will have its official opening day on Feb 11.


The new law centre focuses on the needs of clients who cannot access legal help from a private solicitors

The centre aims to provide in-depth case work to a specialist level in:

  • Welfare Benefits
  • Employment
  • Housing
  • Discrimination
  • Human Rights
  • Debt
  • Education
  • Community Care
  • Mental Health
  • Immigration and Asylum
  • Public Law.

The law centre aims to be the leading community law centre in the UK.


As well as offering legal advice, Greater Manchester Law Centre will campaign for the return of legal aid as an essential part of the welfare state. the long-term aims of the law centre is also to encourage the future generations of conscientious lawyers.

The government decided to end legal aid for everyone in all legal issues apart from eviction, where some people can get help, the CAB budget was also slashed in bits and now offer a scaled back service.

If you want more information on the law centre please click HERE


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