Munich Memorial Day On A Cold But Dry Day In Old Trafford Manchester

Manchester United fans from around the world came to pay respect to those that lost there lives in the Munich air disaster.


Well over 200 people turned up on what was a very cold day in Old Trafford, the start was a couple of talks one by the founder of the Munich air disaster Facebook page.

Singing was next, as the fans kept coming in from all angles, we saw people watching on from windows at the top of the east stand.

As time went on the harder ir was to get anywhere near the front with other media trying to get closer, we stayed back and shown people some respect, a lovely women was talking to me and she told me it was her first time, I gave her all the space she needed.


A prayer was next up after the singing and some cheering from the now very large crowd, and then the moment we all waited for, the silence to mark our respects for all those that died.

It went very silent, it was strange as just moments before not only could I hear the talking and a train beeping its horn and so on, not to mention the loudspeaker system at the club being activated over what was already being said, then everything then went silent, no longer could I hear anything, it just went silent for that one moment.


We want to say thanks to all who spoke at today’s event and to Manchester United FC, it was a great event to mark one of the most important days in any fan’s hearts the memorial of the Munich air disaster that claimed the lives of so many wonderful, talented football players and journalists.

For Manchester United fans its more for them, a day forever in there hearts.


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