Environmental Issues In Partington And Trafford You Must Not Accept As Normal


A Partington councillor confirmed to news4trafford that in Partington nobody knows what they are doing regarding fly tipping and general upkeep of the area, and Trafford’s political people have no real ideas on how to tackle the increase in pollution.


Partington suffers badly from fly tipping and is often in a bad state, more so we feel around the Oak Rd area and the shops, more so during the summer months.

We spoke to someone a while ago from the parish council about the problems and even they could not give me an answer as to what their role was, who was in charge of cleaning the place etc, although interestingly they did tell me the housing association were responsible for some of the many walks in the area.

For Partington to prosper, for people to feel proud of where they belong and to stop the spread of disease since rubbish on a large-scale will no doubt bring in vermin, we need to make sure that everyone knows what they are doing, and get the area cleaned up and keep it that way.

The councillor from the Trafford Labour group who we will not name confirmed in directly that no one really knows who is responsible for the management of waste disposal and general upkeep of the area, for us this is a concerning statement, this means for decades nobody was responsible for the upkeep of the area, meaning all the residents that pay the parish council extra have been completely ripped off.


People also pay the council via the council tax so we are not blaming any one service here, it is a collection of failures to provide a very important and simple thing just to make sure the residents can live in a clean environment.

Another issue for many people and not just in Partington is the pollution from SAICA and the power station which can be seen for miles around, although SAICA have responded about the smoke billowing out ,claiming it to be steam!, we asked the councillor about the problem and she tells us only one person has complained! yet we read many complaints about the pollution.

we have spoken to many people and all are very concerned about it, this tells us that the councillor has no general idea about pollution, on the other hand no councillor really has any answers on how to tackle this huge and dangerous problem.


Partington and indeed the whole of Trafford suffers from very high pollution rates, and bad fly tipping, all environmental issues we must not throw under the carpet and hope it will go away, we cannot and must not accept it as “normal” get on to your councillor or MP and demand action before it is too late, many people are doing amazing things right now regarding environmental issues, lets get more people involved!

It does not matter if you are a Tory or Labour voter to take action, set up a petition, do a website, get a social media channel, do anything to highlight your concerns not just for yourself, your children, but for  future generations.

You can see and add your own pictures of fly tipping events HERE

We want to make it known that we do not point fingers at anyone or any area and we know SAICA and the power station will do all it can to limit emmisions but we must keep at them, this article is about moving on, getting change for the better and making sure that Partington and Trafford gets the best deal possible, where we can live in a clean place and breathe air that is clean.






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  1. Partington is becoming more of a tip due to kids being bored they have nothing to do apart from make a mess and vandalise. And as for the paper mill and the tyre company and the power station all giving off fumes it’s not good when we go doctors with a bad cough we don’t get medicines now we get inhalers. I think councillors in Trafford are getting back handers to turn a blind eye they know what craps coming out of those chimneys…..


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