Police Arrest A 47-Year-Old Man In Sale Square Shopping Centre

A 47-year-old man was arrested today March 1st on suspicion of theft at around 4.30pm in Sale Square shopping centre after security staff detained him.


The man had with him a carrier bag and tried to sell items to people, security chased after him and detained him in a furniture shop.

Police arrived sometime later and arrested him, but was later de-arrested.

As we witnessed the incident in full from the start, we have to question the security staff, and how they managed the situation.

It was felt that they did not need to jump on this man, to such an extent that he started crying for a time, he complained about his keys in his pockets which means a search must have been conducted.

A security officer has the right to detain someone if they have seen the offender commit a crime, they do not have the rights to jump on you, or use force if it did not require it.


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