The Future Is Not So Bright For Partington And Surrounding Areas

The future does not look good for Partington and surrounding areas such as Lymm.


At a glance here is a list of problems about to hit the Partington area or will do in the near future:

  • Lock Lane Housing Development
  • Future Carrington
  • HS2

The Lock Lane development has been given the green light, and work is expected to start soon,  you may think that this is going to be good for the area! for the economy yes without a doubt, and we are all aware we have a shortage of housing almost everywhere in the UK, but it’s downhill from then on, here is another list on what “will” happen once the new homes are built:

  • Pollution issues
  • Draining of resources
  • Regular Traffic issues all around the area

In a recent meeting at Trafford planning, only the traffic issues were mentioned that we know off, this is just madness! many other issues will arise such as the above, with the new Carrington village being built this year, after a Trafford Labour councillor told me a while back that “You know my views on Facebook – it’s a great scheme, but they need to get the road sorted” yet they thumbed it up knowing that Manchester Road will in the near future become one gigantic car park.

Carrington will bring in another 725 new homes and flats, it is in itself a good idea to build on brown field land rather than destroy the green belt like they are about to do in Flixton, but the group that are building this thing, have so far not done anything to ease fears about Manchester Road.

The development once completed will bring with it many cars, way over a thousand more, this will include regular visits by vans and so on, then we have the buses 255 and the 260 not to mention the 247 that uses Manchester Road? so use ‘your imagination’ for a moment, think now! about the scene as it is today…..ok now think! of the scene once the Lock Lane development is built remembering another ‘estimated’ 500 or more cars will be on Manchester Road, now use your imagination further and see the situation unfolding once the Carrington village is built with an extra estimated 700 more cars on the road….can you see now? the numbers of cars will be much more than what we estimated for both developments.

Carrington is to late! it will be developed no matter what, but you have a window of opportunity to end the Lock Lane development, and it is a very small window! I am sure your councillors can work with you to get this sorted, I suggest you do so and as soon as you can! or just for some advice.

We will also be contacting people from Lymm and Warburton soon about what they think of the HS2 and will be sharing opinions on here or on our Facebook group.





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  1. Housing is always needed and the building of new “villages” is to some extent understandable however these foreseeing planners do NOT take into account an already antiquated infrastructure roads won’t cope


  2. Where are you getting your figures for the amount of extra traffic from? Please show the source of your data, otherwise it looks like you are plucking figures out of thin air to back up your anti-Future Carrington and anti-Lock Lane Development campaign. I would be interested to see them.
    I know there is a ‘traffic counting survey’ in Carrington going on at the moment. I’ve rode my bike over the rubber strips on the road many times. Is this a part of the infrastructure testing, do you know?


    • Hi Derek, In fairness we did ask the reader to use the imagination, the figures was just a ball park figure, it is expected much more traffic will be on Manchester Road once HIMOR have built this gigantic village, it will take many year though and it is possible they will take on board our comments and those of residents concerned about traffic issues, those strips will be for speed and volumes at peak times, HIMOR have told us they are checking road conditions.


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