HS2 Revised Route Near Partington Could Disturb An Ancient Burial Ground

The HS2 revised route comes very close to Partington, and the ancient burial ground where a monastery once existed back in 1536.

Screenshot 2017-03-13 at 11.24.51 AM

Image: Google Earth

The Monastery was called “St John Of Jerusalem” and the burial ground is situated very close to a farm and hidden by trees and grass areas.

We contacted HS2 about the burial ground, they were unaware of this and are now investigating.

It could change the route because they are not allowed to disturb a place of rest even if it covered, this could have a good side effect for Partington, as the route will have to go further south

Partington itself has named the section where the burial ground is thought to have been, calling it “Coroners Wood” although the facts are the burial ground is nowhere near Oak Road, but located North east of a farm-house in Warburton about two miles away.

File_000 (3)


The location of the burial ground is where we have highlighted the area in pink, and the route of the HS2 in yellow, we think the HS2 line will come even closer to where the farm houses are, which means they will disturb this burial ground.

You can view a little bit more about the burial ground and the history of PartingtonĀ HERE


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