Football Festival At Flixton Girls School And A Visit By Fred The Red Gets A Great Response

A football festival took place at Flixton girls school yesterday where three other local schools participated in an afternoon of football fun, Abbotsford Prep, Urmston Juniors, St Mary’s Primary and Woodhouse Primary.

Screenshot 2017-03-15 at 1.32.51 PM.png

Team leaders from year 7 through to 9 created skills stations to develop literacy; balance, agility and co-ordination.

During the afternoon each group moved around the activities with the assistance of the FGS students; supporting each football activity and refereeing matches.

Manchester United mascot Fred the red turned up which got many people at the festival very excited, and many got selfies with him, the response was brilliant and smiles all around even from those looking on.

Katie Garner and Lucy Monaghan year 9 said: ‘The younger children really enjoyed all the skills and put them into practice during the football matches. It was a really enjoyable event and each school showed excellent teamwork.’

Lois Shenton aged 8 from Urmston Junior School said ‘I loved the exercises, keeping fit and running around, it was a great event.’


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