Sixteen Bottles Of Wine Stolen From Two Co-op Foodstore Shops In Sale

Sixteen bottles of wine were stolen from two Co-operative food store shops in Sale Today March 22.


The male came into the Brooklands store in Sale and somehow managed to shove seven bottles of wine in his jacket and walked off without paying, management tried to catch up with him, the store then gets a call from the Washaway Road store which is about a mile away telling them, they had a man come in and he had stolen nine bottles of wine, it was the same guy!

Thefts at the Brooklands store according to staff is an every day occurence, only yesterday expensive easter eggs were stolen from the store, with staff saying they cannot do anything, and rightly not taking them on fearing the worse.

We feel they are now in need of some security in the shop which will deter those who want to steal from the store.

Other shops in the area are also having theft issues, as austerity bites hard, these thefts will only increase, so it is impotant a store has some deterrent.

Categories: Sale, Theft

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