An Elderly Man Suffers Injuries After He Crashes His Vehicle In Altrincham

Police were called to a road traffic collision involving an overturned taxi on Navigation Road In Altrincham at around 11.30am on April 4.


The collision was close to the metrolink station and the line was closed for a time whilst emergency services attended the incident, where an elderly man suffered injuries, he was taken to hospital for treatment.



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  1. It wasnt an elderley man driving it was a passenger cars group taxi which over turned the elderly man who was travling to altrincham is doing ok fortunatly as he struggles with mobility as it is but passenger cars need to clamp down on there drivers driving far too many speed about to get more jobs in even had one watching a programe on his phone


    • Hi Danny, Thanks for your message, we was told by GMP something different and that was all the information we had to hand, we agree taxi drivers need to slow down, we also understand they are also on a time limit so its getting the balance right I guess, thanks again Danny.


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