UK Government Will Not Appeal Against A Recent High Court Ruling And Must Now Publish Its Plans To Tackle Air Pollution

The UK government has confirmed that it is not to appeal a high court judgement and will now have to publish its plans to tackle air pollution by May 9.


Air pollution in our towns and cities are illegal and currently at dangerous levels, BCAG or Breathe Clean Air Group has been itself monitoring huge parts of the northern end of Trafford and almost every day through a report they published we can see how toxic Trafford’s air is.

Pollution kills around 40,000 a year in the UK, it’s an astronomical figure and it is hoped this plan of action will clean up the air we breathe.

We can look in-depth at what the cause is of the toxic air, the biggest contributor is vehicles, more so those with diesel engines, but it’s not just vehicles, industry and even aircraft add to the pollution.

ClientEarth CEO James Thornton said: “We’re delighted the government has decided to stop dithering and delaying and look forward to seeing its air quality plans after the local elections.

“We’ll be analysing these plans and making sure they are up to scratch. We must see truly robust measures, including a national network of clean air zones to keep the dirtiest diesel vehicles away from pollution hotspots in our towns and cities.”

You can read more on the story and learn more about what Client Earth is doing HERE


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