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The Reality About Mobile Phone Signals In Trafford Revealed

We have all read about it, maybe seen reports on the television all about the one thing we need the most which is a decent mobile phone signal.


Hands up who has not got a smart phone or a budget handset in there home or on them?  bet many of you have your hands down right? but what is the point in having the latest and greatest without a signal from your chosen network.

We have identified certain areas in Trafford where mobile phone signals are poor and sometimes not even there! lets start with good old Sale, a huge area of Trafford and fairly close to the city centre in Manchester.

You would then expect a good signal on pretty much all the operators, but that is not the case, we tested on different handsets all the networks and not one of them gave us a full signal, EE or Everything Everywhere claims almost 100% of the UK has a signal, but this is not true! on an iPhone 6 plus we get only one bar or dot coverage on 3G every now and then 4G pops up but leaves as fast as it comes.

Even EE 2G signal is struggling here in Sale, we tested a Samsung which was even worse, although the LG handset was slightly better, how can the network claim all this when it is blatant lies!

They are not the only mobile phone company struggling here in Sale, O2, Vodafone do not offer full coverage, with O2 the best with 2G, we found Vodafone 3G coverage better than all the networks with a reliable three bars on the signal indicator on all our handsets.

Three gave us nothing at all on our iPhone, Samsung and LG handsets even outside, yet the coverage map indicates a strong signal here! we did though manage to get a signal again outside about 400m or so south of our location.

All the MVNO’s suffer badly here, Virgin the worse since it piggy backs on the already weak EE signal, Tesco was better on 2G as it uses the O2 signal, there was not much point testing ID Mobile or anything piggy backing on the Three signal.

Giff Gaff oddly was good on both 3G and 2G but hit and miss on 4G they use the O2 signal, this we found was strange since the O2 3G signal was hit and miss most of the time.

In Partington they ‘had’ the best signal anywhere on Vodafone, but they took the mast away from behind the paint works on wood lane and since then the signal has dropped, although still has a fairly decent 2G signal, EE is weak in the area and so Virgin Mobile is nothing, we can not get a signal inside a house, although fared better once we was outside, O2 was hot and miss in the area on all 2G, 3G and 4G, Three did not work although we found the nearer to Central Road you was the better your signal on all the networks.

We need a stronger signal from our major mobile phone providers, to do this they need to install masts, and many people do not want them, their was a time when groups were formed to make sure mobile networks did not plant one of these masts up, it all seems to have been relaxed now as more people are now understanding that without them your signal will be rubbish.

It would be a good thing if OFCOM could get the mobile networks to not have prediction coverage maps but actual, going of their own reasearch and complaints by customers, this can be done and with little cost to the networks, this would them give the customer the truth before they enter possibly into a very long contract.


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