GM Mayor Elections

Andy Burnham Is Now The Greater Manchester Mayor After A Landslide Win

Andy Burnham has won the race to be the metro mayor of Greater Manchester , here is what happened when the votes from Trafford was announced sorry about the visual and audio quality:

The total number of verified ballot papers was 64,202 and the results of the elections here in Trafford is below:

  • Sean Anstee – Conservative 19,262
  • Mohammed Aslam – Independent 354
  • Jane Brophy – Liberal Democrats 5,359
  • Andy Burnham – Labour 35,492
  • Marcus Farmer – Independent 283
  • Shneur Odze – UKIP 845
  • Will Patterson – Green Party 1, 412

Trafford had the highest turn out of all of Manchester and gave Sean Anstee the thumbs down as the residents voted for Labour and Andy Burnham

We wish Andy Burnham all the best in his new role, and well done to all the other candidates in this election.


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