Labour Win The Broadheath By-Election On What Was A Bad Night For The Party

Labour candidate Amy Whyte won the Broadheath by-election with a big margin, David Morgan from the Tories came runner-up on what was a bad night for the Labour Party at a national level.

Screenshot 2017-03-18 at 10.45.35 AM

Broadheath Councillor: Amy Whyte

Amy won with 2086 votes ahead of David Morgan who got an impressive 1778 votes, Amy though won with some distance.

The by-election took place as Louise Dagnall had to step down due to ill-health, and we send our best wishes to her and a speedy recovery.

We also wish Amy all the best in her new and challenging role as a councillor and it is hoped that one of her first things to tackle is the state of the A56 from Eastway all the way to the Pelican pub.

The full results of last nights by-election in Broadheath can be found HERE

Labour nationally lost many seats in the local elections taking place in many areas of the UK, the Tories though can thank all the UKIP voters for what was a very good night for those in blue, as they turn their backs on Nigel Farage and his now doomed party.

UKIP must now look at itself closely and find a completely new ideology, new people and a fresher look for it to be able to compete at a local and a national level, it may be too late though for this as the general election is only weeks away.

As for Labour, it is a swings and roundabouts situation, do you keep Corbyn and risk everything, or do you kick him out and replace him with a real leader, and someone who will bring back all the big guns of the party? it is now or never, can the UK put up with a Conservative government hell bent on killing of the most vulnerable in society? killing off our NHS so that we all have to pay for our care “US style” continue to do the stupid things like what Trafford has done and put a private company in place to look after front line services, when they knew that Amey only care about its profits and shareholders.

We have only twelve men on all of our parks! we have only two sure start centres when we had a claimed sixteen at one time, we have just about kept our libraries open and some have had to shut down or be kept open by mental health charities! and what about poor old Partington, the place where Anstee grew up, he will know full well of how bad things can be, and yet they are forgotten!

In the next few weeks we go back to the polling stations, maybe you have a proxy or a postal vote, it is with hope you remember above everything, all the things the Tories have done to Trafford, to the country, and not about the only thing the Tories can accuse Labour of doing and that is handling the countries finances, which to be fair with Labour they have held there hands up! the facts are the Tories have done more damage with finances than Labour did, and worse since now we have next to nothing, and it will further erode if they get back in again, the choice is all yours and we wish all parties at the GE all the best.

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