Vandalism To Toilets In Walton Park Keeps The Doors Locked

Walton Park in Sale is an outstanding park for families, it holds events on a fairly regular basis, and has access from just about every direction.


Walton Park

Sadly though as ever there are some who are roaming about who do not care about such things and ruin it for everyone, on or just before Easter, the toilets was left open and was vandalised.

We are told by members of the “Friends of Walton Park Group” that they found the toilets in a very bad way, rails for disabled people had been snapped off, urine everywhere and one member even told me that she did her best to clean up, but was overcome by the smell and had to abandon.

Screenshot 2017-05-05 at 11.46.52 PM

Image: Google Maps

The same woman who does not wished to be named told us that a baby’s nappy full of ‘what you would expect’ on the floor, and to this day she does not know if it had been cleared.

The door has been locked ever since easter, and children and adults who visit the park are finding it impossible, and are forced to “use the bushes” this is unacceptable!

We asked Trafford Council to deal with the situation and clean up whatever needs cleaning up, they responded telling us that “We will deal with the issue within seven days” but now the doors to the toilet have remained locked, and they need to be re-opened with immediate effect, obviously once cleaned.

Brooklands Councillor David Hopps has contacted officers about the situation for weeks as the toilets were closed at weekends long before the toilets were vandalised, the issue then was due to an emergency alarm not being DDA compliant.



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