UPDATED: Partington Councillor Karina Carter No Longer Lives In Trafford, She Should Resign NOW!


New information has come to light that Karina Carter who is a Partington councillor does not live in Trafford, and many residents have not been told.


We have spoken to many people about this in the Bucklow St Martins ward in which Karina Carter currently is a councillor, and no one knew about it.

It is very relevant and although the rules state she is allowed to continue with her job, we ask is she going to be giving it her all, will she have the motivation to do a good job for the residents, all these things come into question.

Their have been in the past, cover ups like the suspension of all the Trafford Labour party in Partington, and that was when James Wright was campaigning to take over Ian Platt, we ask if any of you would have voted for Labour had you known?

No one knew anything, and that for us is unacceptable, they must tell the residents what is going on, and by being up front and honest gives them much-needed credibility.

As an insult the Trafford Labour leader Andrew Western has blocked Karina Carter and James Wright from talking to people who live outside of the ward, yet she herself does not even live in Trafford, this is high level hypocricy.

We are told Trafford Labour will be in selection mode for ward coiuncillors in September for next years local elections, although nothing has been confirmed the talk is that a a Partington resident is being fine tuned at the present to take the place of Karina, who we feel should stand down now! it is also thought that Serena Carr will stand again in Brooklands of which we will fully support her campaign if the speculation is true.

Karina though in her time has been a fantastic councillor she has done amazing things for the area and for the residents that their is no doubt, and with this new information coming to light, she should show Partington some respect and stand down before next years local elections.


Andrew Western

As a result of this article which is only to inform, Trafford Labour leader has decided not to lead but to run! the respect he once had has been damaged, for it was himself who spilled the beans, which we are very grateful.


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  1. They give us a Tesco that is not convenient to partington they give us a Sayers bakery with everyone knows the pasties etc get delivered from pound land big joke


    • Hi Paul, News4Trafford is in your corner, we care very much about Partington and know how much many of you guys want change for the better, having politicians who you are supposed to trust actually fail you is not acceptable and we shall expose them all if they are doing wrong.


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