Team Sky Cyclist Chris Froome Gets Knocked Of His Bike In France

Team Sky cyclist Chris Froome was hit by a car in France whilst out riding his bike, fortunately Chris who was born in Kenya and aged 31 was not injured in the crash.

Screenshot 2017-05-09 at 10.56.28 AM

Image: Chris Froome Twitter Feed

His bike though was badly damaged, this remember is no ordinary bike, the machine in the pictire above costs around £10,000 and hat is a rough estimation.

Froome also known as Froomey tweeted that he was fine after the crash, but the driver did not stop.

Cycling is not safe anywhere these days, here in Trafford with the roads being so bad and the standards of driving now at an all time low, we suggest to all cyclists more so the road guys to take extra care when out ad about and always wear a helmet.

We also suggest bringing with your pump and puncture kit a small first aid box and some money and always a mobile phone, just a tiny nokia one will do, they are light and small but will be of great use if the worse happens.


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