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Mixed Response By Fans As Manchester United And Adidas Launch The Away Kit For Next Season

Manchester United fans have been taking to social media in great numbers with mixed responses to the new away kit that has just been launched by Adidas.


Pogba Wearing The New Shirt For Season 17/18

The replica kit will be more expensive this time around with the club charging £65 for a mens replica shirt and £90 for the authentic version which is the one the players will be wearing, to get the authentic one you will need the names and numbers and Premier League badges which would take that well over £100.

Parents will be pestered again to buy the latest kits, with the cost of the away replica kit for a junior being priced by the club at £55 you will be paying for the full kit nearer £100, we suggest going to Sports Direct for your replica kits as it is around £12 cheaper for a replica shirt.

The kit itself is not very nice, the shirt is similar to the one Beckham and Hughes used to wear, with a Adidas trefoil printed all over the front of the shirt with the back being all black, this will also be an issue when the sun is at its strongest, since black absorbed heat, the three white stripes are at the sides like this years home shirt which does look good.

Many fans took to social media to ether say its rubbish or its great, and it was indeed a mixed bag, one tweet summed it up in one “Will the players be able to see each other in this kit” which brought back memories of the grey Umbro kit the club had on against Southampton a long tome ago, and changed it at half time because the players had visual issues.

You can buy your kits direct from the club HERE or from Sports Direct HERE if you choose Sports Direct you will have to wait until May 17.

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