Labour Launches Its Manifesto Before The Upcoming General Election Next Month

Labour launched their manifesto to a packed house and millions watching on television and social media channels.

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Leader Jeremy Corbyn set out his plans for what Labour would be doing if they were elected to run the country in just a few weeks time, the manifesto has many pledges and the key one is protecting the most vulnerable in society something the Tories do not do.

Labour will sting the richest in society, those 5% with the broadest shoulders, they will scrap tuition fees, and build more homes and crucially build more infrastructure, they will add thousands more police on the streets of the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn sounded like a leader today at the manifesto launch in Bradford, he gave it his all, this is a genuine man and one people can trust in, the negative vibes coming from some Tory biased media just vanished into thin air.

It is always the same old story whenever you talk to a Conservative be it a voter or a politician, they say things like “It was Labour who ruined the country by over spending” or “Time and time again the opposition do not have a credible alternative plan” these are just excuses, one that tries to divert you from the genuine truth that it is they that has destroyed this country, borrowing billions more than Labour ever did, but not only that, what else have they done?

Lets look at Trafford, we had more sure start centres, we had people looking after our parks, the roads were in better condition in parts, crime has risen as has people who are homeless, more and more people are struggling to keep the lights on, keep warm or even to put food on the table to feed themselves or their family, and many of these people are in work!

Work! yes that thing that the Tories think there are millions of jobs available, we spoke to a DWP advisor and she told us without any doubts that there are no jobs, and when one does come up it is either a part-time job or a zero hours which we all know is not going to help in any way shape or form.

We have to have a fairer society, and a government that can look after the most vulnerable, that can make sure that road infrastructure is maintained and in some areas increased, that more homes will be built and not on green belt land, pollution is reduced and more police officers on the beat, which will reduce crime levels.

The NHS is something we should be proud off, yet the Tories are bringing it to an end, no…..they really are, even the most sceptical Tory voter has to admit this one! Labour will protect the NHS.

You can view more on the Labour manifesto 2017 HERE


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