The Tories Offer The Country Nothing With Added Sting In Its Tail

The Tories released its manifesto like all the others just before the general election which takes place on June 8.

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The Manifesto is clear, precise and easy to read, well easy until you get to the bit about fracking, they say they want to build a shale industry in britain, the clever wording is when they also say “We will do so if we maintain public confidence in the process” you and I know no one wants fracking.

Then it goes on to the tricky subject of brexit, the Tories want the best deal for britain as we leave the EU with a smooth orderly brexit, no mention about the astronomical exit fees! so astronomical it would bankrupt us.

Brexit will not be smooth or orderly, it will be a nightmare, they claim all types of things, “The people voted for us to leave the EU” and all that, yet we all was fed a load of lies so how can this be a fair vote?

Policing in the UK has been shot in the foot, with officer numbers down just about everywhere and crime spiralling out of control, it has become harder for the police to protect us all, nothing in the manifesto says what they will do to make sure this will change.

On schools they said “We are proud of our reforms to education, which are giving millions of children a better start in life than they could have expected a decade a go” really? how many teachers are set to lose their jobs? and how much are our schools in debt? here in Trafford the NUT figures show every school here in Trafford will be loosing money in the next couple of years, making things even more difficult for our schools.

Homelessness is one of the things that is now a real problem in our towns and cities and yet in this manifesto they claim they will combat it through full implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act, nothing mentioned about all the young people they will make homeless then!

Benefits and protecting the most vulnerable in society has never been something the Tories care much about, and the much the same if not worse is written in this manifesto, they want one million more disabled people to go to work! some could go to work for sure, but the majority cannot and for good reason, yet the Tories cannot see this! they do not recognise what a disability is, or how it affects someones life, and to be told you can no longer have your PIP or whatever an individual gets is just not right at all, and causes more issues and mental distress.

I feel some disabled people would be better going on a training scheme, say for six months or a year, in a relaxed environment doing things they can do, getting confidence, making new friends, but without loosing any benefits.

We want to see housing benefit given back to 18 and 21-year-old people, with benefits people who were in the ESA working related group given a re-test as there are people with serious mental health conditions that should have been in the support group from the start and now suffering great distress.

With Universal Credit we want to see fortnightly payments, and money for housing benefit given to the landlord, this would make it easier and fairer on the individual, as it is now its bang out-of-order and needs changing, as many people are struggling.

We want to see more money for cycling infrastructure, and a clean air zones around cities and our suburbs, when housing are built the priority must be to make sure their was more road infrastructure and any new development must not put at risk another village like HIMOR in Carrington which will sting Partington and Warburton.

Lastly the NHS, something the Tories have almost killed off, we no longer have an A&E in Trafford, GPs are struggling to cope and very ill people are waiting in ambulances or corridors of hospitals because there are no beds! I know the Tories or their voters will blame Labour! well it was nothing to do with them was it? it was your policies and it continues to be this way until you get your wishes….oh sorry Maggies wishes of an US style health care system where everyone has to pay for care.

Vote for the Tories that is your choice, but can you just add a thought just before you do so on what has been said in this article, maybe you will want to read the manifesto and place it side by side on what the Tories have already done to the UK to make a more logical,more responsible choice.

You can read the full manifesto HERE


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