Vodafone Facebook Advert Blooper Helps Confuse Its Thousands of Followers

A Vodafone advert showing off a super state of the art iPhone 7 on a business plan confused a lot of people on Facebook today, when an error was spotted by a follower of the page.

Vodafone is often slated for its customer services, and often we hear of pay monthly customers being charged more that was stated, so for some this blooper has to be something to put back a smile on your face after the horrific scenes that took place here in Manchester in recent times.

The blooper is right at the bottom the handset was £39 and still is £39 with a £25 upfront payment and ‘now’ £41.67 up front.

We would like to say though Vodafone is a super network despite its issues offering first class and a wide range of handsets with a signal better than all the others.

Screenshot 2017-05-25 at 4.49.49 PM

Categories: Blooper, Mobile Phones

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