Great Manchester Run And The Increased Security Making For An Uneasy Feel For Spectators And The Athletes

The Greater Manchester Run, an event with elite athletes and many thousands of people running for charity, taking to the streets of our great city.


With the  presence of so many police officers many armed with guns bigger than themselves made for a less than cosy feel about the place, Manchester United security with hand-held scanners helping to further create a nervy feel.

This was about the runners though who turned up in their thousands, and all running for charity, in the mix were a pick of celebs.


The elite women was slightly late, and as they came towards Manchester United they looked uneasy clearly not enjoying the event, maybe because of the what people are starting to call “Needed” security but for what I would call paranoia.

In the field shown in the picture GB runner Gemma Steel just in the slipstream of two french athletes just jogging along, it is more about stride length than fast leg speed in this race, it was like they were all hopping along as opposed to running.

We then saw the elite men coming through, much faster, so fast it was just a glimpse, where had you blinked you would have missed it, the crowds were much less than last years and well every year for that matter.

Lets hope next years race will be less tense and people can come out and watch the athletes and enjoy the fun.

Race results can be found HERE

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