Apple Showcases Software Upgrades That Hardly Inspired Those Watching Around The World

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Apple showcased what it will be offering in the coming months regarding software, but also gave the world a glimpse at the new iPad Pro and something called HomePod.

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iOS 11 will be released soon after the new iPhone is showcased sometime in September, the new update did not get many cheers from the audience, until Apple pulled out an ace card with confirmation that Apple Pay will be a feature with iMessage.

The crowd, and we also was excited by this new idea of being able to send money through a simple iMessage conversation, security is not a problem since you will need your finger print to activate the feature.

There are improvements to the camera, which to be honest is not really that great compared to something like the LG G6 or the Samsung S7 and S8, you will now have the ability to edit a live photo, and other gimmicky things, the augmented reality is not really new technology and cannot see this feature making people buy the new iPhone.

The app store will be redesigned and the music app further enhanced.

Apple Watch gets a new OS simply called ‘OS 4’ and has big improvements, you will have a few new faces including Siri, a weird kaleidoscope face and a Toy Story face, there are improvements with work out apps which now can have music playing at the start of every workout to make it convenient for you.

The TV box called Apple TV will now come with Amazon Prime, this got some cheers, however Amazon Prime has B and C list films, and nothing really great, only a few TV programmes are worth watching on Amazon Prime, which really has become a poor platform.

Macbook will have a new operating system called Mac OS High Sierra and will have further advancements which will make the experience a better one, big improvements with Safari and new editing features to photos, you can upgrade to Mac OS High Sierra for free once it goes live in August/September.

The new iPad Pro is quality though, sleek, and super fast and costs lots of money, but for what you are getting, it would be money well spent and will be out along with a new thing called Home Pod In A few months time.

You can see the new iPad Pro and learn all about it HERE

As for the new iPhone which we think will be iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, will need to be something special as “LG” and “Samsung” have raised the bar yet again, we thing the inclusion of so many gimmicks to iOS 11 will see Apple struggle to break any new records, we think though the Apple Watch will continue to grow and it is this which caught our eye at this years WWDC17.


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