General Election

Its The Biggest General Election Ever But Choose Your Vote Carefully This Time!

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General Elections do not get any bigger than this one, and your vote could make or break us!


We have to remain neutral and give all the parties a chance, this would be right, however in this article we have to get with reality a little, politicians up and down the land always offer things to people before an election, we will do this and we will do that, but as you know none of them are telling the truth.

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labour is seen as the party that can change things in the UK, where as the Tories are already helping the UK sink down the plug hole whilst blaming others! then we have the Liberal Democrats who has a great leader with more clarity than water, he really does come across very well, but will people trust the lib dems again? of course their biggest mistake was to go into coalition with the Tories! yet people have to remember that the Lib Dems at that time watered down many of the draconian plans the Tories had.


The Green Party offer many great things and would deliver on these promises!, although we must keep our nuclear deterrent, it is agreed that the world does not need any weapons of mass destruction, they cost a fortune however they have kept the peace and will remain that way, if we got rid of Trident we would be open to attack, do you not think all the countries of the world do not know how depleted our armed services are? of course they do so an invasion is highly likely, if the world gets rid of nuclear weapons all together then we can, but only when this happens can we remove Trident.


UKIP is next, we wish them well in the GE, they though need a re-design, a new way of thinking, new everything to be honest! the biggest mistake of course was Nigel Farage standing down, he was the man who kept the party together and now look at them, almost turning into the Tories, and their ideas about terrorism is just pathetic! if it was left to them they would kick out every asian in the county, make every mosque a supermarket and watch our country grind to a halt!

The truth is we need a solution to terrorism, not divide our nation, not single out every muslim person, UKIP has to remember it is not Islam that has caused terrorism, it was Bush and Blair who caused most of what we have today, had we not gone to war and killed thousands of innocent lives in Iraq and elsewhere only to find Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction our world would be much safer! maybe even these stupid messed up protest killing groups that came from it would have never been thought about!

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The Tories we also wish them well, they have some very good councillors here in Trafford who are doing some amazing work and fast at giving an answer to the public, and to the media, but lets look at them proper, what have they done for Trafford? well we now have a private firm running our front line services, we have crumbling roads, green bin charges, green space under threat, pollution of the scale, a huge big village in Carrington no one wanted, poor cycling infrastructure, much more crime than ever before, more homelessness, food banks, needless sanctions to benefits, dreadful PIP assessments, People dying and still having to look for work and not able to live the rest of there lives in some comfort, dementia tax, HS2 no one wanted, police cuts, fire crews cut, NHS almost dead and the list goes on and on.

It is hard to find anything positive about the Tories, and so why the hell do people vote for the Tories,the same old stuck record keeps playing “Labour did not give us an alternative plan” or the normal one you get “It was Labour who caused the economy to almost flatline” both of which are really bad excuses in which to vote for them since all they have to do is look all around them to see what the party has done, not just in Trafford but in the country.

It is your choice who you vote for of course, but let me say this and as clear as possible “This vote you have today must be thought about, it is simply not just another vote where just because your mum and dad or your gran or gran dad has always voted for whoever then you must do the same, or your into this tribal thing similar to football, its us versus them thing, it is not like that! this vote today is for the future of your cities and your country, it is vital you look at what a party has done, not what it’s going to do! simply because we all fall for the same lies every time, all we need to do is look back and see which party has done what, what did they promise last time and did they deliver, this is a super important vote.”


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