The general election result ends up as a hung parliament after the Tories failed to win out right, it was a good night for Labour.

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Theresa May will now go to the queen and form a minority government, possibly with the DUP.

Here in Trafford though Graham Brady won Altrincham And Sale West and Mike Kane won Wythenshawe And Sale East, and Kate Green holds on to her seat in the Stretford and Urmston constituency.

Overall the parties that id very badly in this election was UKIP, Greens and in part the Liberal Democrats, it was purely about red and blue.

We was very pleased to see Neil Taylor from the Trafford Liberal Party getting a good score which surpassed what he had expected, he should be very proud of his efforts.

The Tories did not win this election, which makes things a little easier, but where does all this leave the brexit negotiations? well its in tatters right now, even if Theresa May keeps her job it makes her position much weaker.

As a result of the election and the way UKIP got destroyed just about everywhere although did fairly well in the Stretford and Urmston constituency the leader Paul Nuttall has now resigned.