Partington Parish Council Website Goes Live Aimed At Finally Providing Transparency

Finally a proper website for the Partington Parish Council has gone live, and we have found it very useful, with fast information at your fingertips.


We liked all of the website, despite the words of the Chair of the parish council Wayne Edwards who said “Decisions we make as a Council are very important as I believe nobody from outside of our community understands what Partington requires to move forward”

It goes off the back of a statement on social media by Positive Partington pressure group member John Jones who said “We do not want outsiders help” this is very unhelpful to what could be the best area in Trafford by a million miles!

This must also be shocking to outgoing councillor Karina Carter who is not even a Trafford resident according to leader Andrew Western, who we appreciate gave us this information in a recent email, lets face it Karina has been a breath of fresh air for Partington! she will be missed, and all at N4T wish her all the best after she steps down at the local elections next year, but having the above statement from Mr Edwards is a stab in the back not just to Karina but to the other councillor who does not even come from Manchester!

We thank councillor Stephen Anstee and Sharon for their information, the help from Stephen was first class and we hope he will keep in touch.

HIMOR was discussed and even on the website and at meetings serious doubts about the development remain, we have a poll done showing no one wanted the development to go ahead without first getting transport infrastructure sorted out, we do not want HIMOR to go ahead, and will do everything in our power to halt proceedings in a legal way, through political means if necessary.

We are on the side of Partington, and want only the best for the area, statements like what Mr Edward said and Mr Jones really makes them look very silly indeed, and not the opinion of the majority who welcome positive support from anywhere, we have asked for a statement by Mr Edwards as to what he meant by that remark that was added to the new website and await a reply.

The new Partingtom Parish Council website is one CLICK away and you will find all you need to know about your parish council.


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