Talk Talk Confirms The ‘Team Viewer’ App Scam


Trafford Police have been made aware of a recent telephone scam involving someone pretending to be from the Broadband and Phone company Talk Talk.

Screenshot 2017-06-14 at 3.30.44 PM.png

If you happen to be a Talk Talk customer when they ask and you say yes, the scammer asks if you are satisfied with your internet connection.

The scammers ask you to download an app called “Team Viewer” to assist in improving your connection and are then promised £200 compensation even if you are happy with your connection.

The scam is that once you have downloaded the app, they then can access everything on your computer

After taking bank details for the £200 refund the caller then uses the information to apply for an instant loan. The loan is paid into the residents bank account ‘by mistake’ plus the £200 compensation.

After re-contacting the resident, the caller says there has been an accounting error and can the resident pay the loan amount back, but keeping the £200.

We spoke to Talk Talk and they confirmed that this is true, and only offered a short statement telling customers to go to this LINK



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