Clean Air

Manchester Clean Air Day Should Be Everyday Here In Manchester

Today is National Clean Air day and since Trafford is now badly polluted we would like to see this everyday.


Getting out of your car today would show your support for cleaner air, instead of driving to the shops, why not go for a bike ride or walk today? that is your little bit for the environment.

Cycling is only dangerous because of motorists and these gigantic lorry’s and sometimes bus drivers not paying any attention, if we all got out of our cars and got on our bikes or walked, then safety would no longer be an issue.

The facts are pollution is killing thousands of lives here in Manchester, we can blame the council simply because they could do more, but ultimately it is for us to do something, that something could be a small thing like walking, cycling or even running instead of taking the car.

Screenshot 2017-06-15 at 12.05.41 PM

BCAG or Breathe Clean Air Group here in Trafford are an amazing bunch of people, and fight hard for people in there part of Trafford, we need a BCAG here in the south of Trafford! Sale, altrincham and areas around are never checked for air pollution.

I think we understand why people need cars, we all do in fact, but do you really need to get in your car just to go to a local shop? just to go to a sports centre? to a park? I know people who get in their car create loads of pollution from it just to go around the corner! and they are able-bodied people, unless your disabled, we can all do our little bit, so let’s do this!

More information on the National Clean Air day can be found HERE


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