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One Plus 5 Handset Has Been Showcased But Is It Worth Almost £450?

With presentations of flagship smartphones, you would expect something special, after all its your handset your plugging! on this occasion the One Plus 5 was as bad as it gets, the presenters looking rather angry at each other.

Screenshot 2017-06-20 at 5.43.47 PM.png

One plus though have brought out some amazing handsets, and built up the business into another league, you can see the specifications of the One Plus 5 handset HERE

It is a good handset, 8GB Ram and a Snapdragon 835 chipset, two cameras with a 1.7 arpeture cannot be laughed at, the design is truly stunning,, the battery life is from what One Plus tells us is superb, with a charge in just 30 minuets.

We find the price (which is almost £450 )though for this handset a little on the high side, sure it’s a great handset, but we are not talking about a Samsung or an LG here, its a little chinese company that has seen a growth in demand for their handsets.

One Plus now boasts a call centre of 500 they say dotted around the world, I just wonder how big the world really looks to the One Plus team! still the same its good going since they started off with around a handful of people.

This year has been big for mobile phones, Samsung raising the bar, LG also going further and now we await what Apple is going to do, will it be the 7s and 7s Plus we shall see, either way One Plus has a long way to go, but with great handsets like the 5, all looks good for the future, we do suggest a better presentation!


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