Car Theft

Car Theft In Trafford At An All Time High

For months high Value car thefts in Trafford has risen, and residents in some areas of the borough are getting very concerned.


Police have been stretched to the limit, with austerity biting hard, more cuts to police are planned and they simply cannot do everything as much as they want to, so what we have is a very bad situation where they can no longer fully protect the public and  property.

High value cars are being targeted, to be sold on we presume, maybe to overseas customers, either way if you have a high value car, you need to help police to help yourself by following their advice, and even with that advice it might still be not enough.

We need to help the police as much as we can by following advice, and reporting suspicious activity on the 101 number, the public should not have to do this, but until the Tories sling their hook, things will only get worse.

The best advice we could give you is not to be buying expensive cars, get one that is not diesel and your car tax will be nothing, you still get from “A to B” in comfort and style, but for those with high value cars now, I would invest in the best security you can get, and CCTV for your home.




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