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Man Utd reveal the new blank home kit, but we ask is it worth the money?

Manchester United revealed the new home kit for the 2017/18 season today July 3.

Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 10.43.47 AM


The home top is another blank affair, Climalite fabric technology and printed and embroided logos.

You can buy the kits from Sports Direct from July 10, but if you pre-order now you will get free shirt printing, a good deal? be wary with shirt printing of players names and numbers before the season starts in August as they tend to change.

If you cannot wait that long then you can buy the kits now, home and away from the club shop, a home adult top will set you back £5 more at £60.

Prices of football replica shirts have gone up for this season by around £7 and we had to comment on what we have seen so far, and we are not impressed! the same quality as last season, so no improvements, boring blank shirts, and more expensive than ever.

Screenshot 2017-06-30 at 3.17.39 PM

Liverpool and Southampton charge £50 for their home and away tops for next season as does West Ham so their fans will be feeling slightly happier as the season draws ever closer yet football clubs bite the fans harder squeezing every drop of money they have.

We suggest to buy a training top if you cannot afford the price as they tend to be much cheaper, but still good enough as the players will be seen training and warming up in the gear, you can also now pick up replica home and away tops from last season for around £25 and the shorts for as little as £10 often with same sponsors.

Whilst austerity bites us harder, is it not time the football clubs started to help the fans out a bit? since it is them that keep football alive, keeps the players richer and the sponsors happy.

Simply put we think the new kits are simply not worth the money and suggest no one should be buying them, if we keep to this trend, the clubs will reduce the price back to £47.99 or less and we can then buy these tops that really have become rather boring! is it a design crisis with the big names? or are they all cutting costs?


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