Partington Park Improvements Gets New Signage

Oak Road park in Partington has had a staggered remake over the past few months and now has its own unique signpost.

File_000 (53).jpeg

After years of neglect a group of people got together and decided enough was enough, and found a way of refurbishing the play area and surroundings, the group calling themselves “Friends of Oak Road park group” got the help they needed, even set up a website and even got funding from local people and further out.

The biggest donation made we believe was from Wood Lane stores, it is claimed by the group that they gave £1000, this must have been a gigantic help with others in getting this park up to the standards you would expect.


Trafford Labour councillors were on hand to give the group a helping hand with several litter picks, we saw a gigantic amount of rubbish that had probably piled up for years and years, this park now is in great shape again, where kids can play in safety and brought about only for the desire and enthusiasm from people who cared about their bit of the area.

We can only hope the group continues on after the refurbishment is complete and finally get together the housing group, parish council, councillors and park groups to continue to move forward, the determination for change builds stronger, even with people like the Trafford Labour leader blocking people from contacting Partington councillors about potentially serious issues can not now hold Partington back.

Upcoming issues look to be severe, with HIMOR building this gigantic boil in Carrington and nearer to Partington with the hybrid development, and already congested Manchester Road will be blocked on a daily basis, which will have a knock on effect for other roads, and of course if Peel decide after about a decade they are to build 550 new flats on land off Lock Lane, this will cause more problems unless transport and other infrastructure was part of the plans.

And we haven’t even spoke about the pollution problems!



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