Road traffic accidents revealed road by road in Trafford

As our roads become increasingly dangerous to all users we have obtained official statistics on all reported incidents from Jan 1 last year to the end of March 2017.


Accidents last year in Trafford their was in total:

  • 4 Fatalities
  • 27 Seriously Injured
  • 164 Slightly Injured

This year so far and only in the first three months of the year their has been one fatality, nine seriously injured and seventy-three slightly injured, this shows a huge increase in road accidents in the borough going off the statistics.

On Manchester Road in Broadheath up to March 2017 we have seen one death and two slightly injured, on Urmston Lane their has been two slightly injured, two slightly injured on Marsland Road in Sale.


Compared with last year the stats provide people with the reality that driving standards have not just slipped by a little but by a lot.

We asked via freedom of information about cyclists incidents, but no data was given for that specific request.

You can also look up your part of Trafford street by street by clicking this Link




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