Food Safety

Sale takeaway is a hit but what goes on behind the scenes may shock you

We like our kebabs, burgers and chips, and none do it better than Vera on Coppice Avenue in Sale.



The business before Vera took over was of poor standard, and having checked Aris Pizza never had a food rating score, then out of the blue new owners had taken over, for a few times we saw no one going in, it was gloomy, no food on display other than a kebab that looked like it had been there since world war two.

It soon got interested customers and bang the business was a huge hit, and now so big it has near full stars on Just Eat.

We waited for the food hygiene rating score from the council, it seemed to have taken forever waiting, and now we know Vera only got a 3 rating, which is acceptable, but not the 5 the owner was ‘probably’ expecting.

Here are the main issues  that Vera had, that we feel you should know about the inspection:

  • Greasy Floors
  • Mould on pizza board
  • Cross Contamination issues
  • No hand towels
  • Not recommended sanitation
  • No fridge/freezer temperature recordings

The inspection report which we have to hand from Trafford Council gave further details of the inspection, one thing to note though is that the inspection was a few months back and the issues back then may well have been fixed.

Having eaten at this takeaway we can say without question they indeed do cook up some of the best meals around, and it is with hope that the issues the council raised will have been fixed and the next inspection will give them a 4 or even a 5 star rating.


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