Bogus workmen robbed a pensioner in Urmston

Three males posing as workmen turned up to an elderly males home on Kingston Drive in Urmston at around 12.30pm on July 5 and robbed him of his money.

Screenshot 2017-07-07 at 7.34.45 PM.png

The three males offered to clean his gutters, the vulnerable elderly male allowed them to check, but they demanded £400 for the work to be done, he gave the money to the three men, a neighbour then challenged the males and they made off in a white van.

It is believed that whilst one male was talking, the other two went inside the elderly man’s house uninvited.

The description of the three men are as follows:

Male 1 – White, 6 ft tall, average build aged 55, wearing a white t-shirt.

Male 2 – White, aged 25, large muscular build, jet black short hair squared off at the back. Wearing a white t-shirt

Male 3 – white, 5 ft 2 in height, stocky build, black short hair and a short beard white t-shirt

All three were wearing white t-shirts which has a roofing logo on it, their white van had a set of long ladders on the roof, but no registration number was recorded.

Police advice is If you receive a knock at the door from anyone offering to carry out work and you are not satisfied that they are there for a legitimate reason, close and lock the door immediately and call the police, try to note descriptions and if they are in a vehicle take a registration number.

A crime report has been submitted, enquiries are ongoing and family, neighbours and officers are supporting the victim. If you witnessed anything or believe you could add anything to the investigation please contact 101 quoting log 2611 of 05/07/17.



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