Big headed Metrolink worker ruined a great night out for a man and his disabled child in Old Trafford

A big-headed Metrolink worker who is believed to be a contractor ruined what was supposed to have been a great night out for one Trafford man and his disabled child last night July 14.



The man from Altrincham called Wayne Starkey and his child was watching the Lancashire at the Emirates Old Trafford Ground.

It was when they both got to the Metrolink station at Old Trafford going back home at around 9.30pm things turned sour, the male passenger called Wayne tells me that he asked a Metrolink worker  if he could use the access steps because his son was disabled, it was then the Metrolink worker went into a rage.

It went from bad to worse, even coming up to the passenger eye-ball to eye ball, a very threatening situation and very upsetting for the child to see such things, the passenger and his son had to go the long way around and boarded the Altrincham bound tram.

We are not sure why this Metrolink worker got so upset, but it is simply unacceptable to treat an innocent man and a disabled child in such a way, even if their was some valid reason why they could not use the steps.

Metrolink have declined our requests for information..


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