Travellers getting the thumbs down by some people in the Sale area

A large group of travellers have set up camp on a football field behind Firsway Medical Centre in Sale.

File_000 (62).jpeg


They were first seen on the morning of July 17 and since then the number of caravans has increased, the issue is that land is owned by Trafford Council and the travellers do not have any rights to be there.

This is a common issue with the traveller community, they go from field to field or park to park finding a place to stay, until they are moved on by police, unless of course, they have rights to the field or park, I guess that would depend on the owner of the land and if advance notice had been given.

Looking deeper into it, a traveller has the same rights as anyone else in the UK, their kids have to by law enjoy a good level of education, be it in school or some other way, we spoke to several people all wishing to remain anonymous, one elderly woman said “I am locking my windows and doors” others including the elderly woman did not like the travellers because wherever they set up camp they always leave lots of rubbish around and other things we do not wish to mention, although having been down ourselves we did not see rubbish hanging around at the time, other than a bag next a public bin.

It is now up to the council and police to get an eviction order if the group do not comply, which could take days or even months.

We have since got information that the council have obtained a court order to remove the travellers.


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