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Faecal bacteria found in ice at McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC branches

After a BBC Watchdog report, three big named high street establishments had their ice tested for bacteria.


Tests concluded that faecal bacteria was found in three samples at McDonald’s, six from Burger King and five at KFC, this is unacceptable.

Soon after the programme was aired last night, people took to social media many saying they would not have any ice with their coke anymore, the level of disgust is rightly high, as you would expect no issues with the big names on the high street.

McDonald’s and KFC came out fighting as you would expect both admitting they were shocked at what the programme had found and were taking steps to make sure all ice would be safe to have in your coke again with immediate effect, McDonalds responded in a statement below.

A spokesman for McDonald’s said: “We have robust procedures in place with regard to the production, storage and handling of ice in our UK restaurants, nothing is more important than the safety of our customers and people, and we continue to review our procedures and training, working closely without restaurant teams to ensure those proceedures are adhered to at all times, hygiene and safety practices are of the utmost importance to us and we’re proud that 99% of our restaurants have an independent expert Tom Humphrey, Professor of Bacteriology and Food Safety, who stated that the bacterium most indicative of faecal contamination was not found in any ice samples from our restaurants.

“Like many UK food retailers, our ice is made by freezing drinking water, using commercial ice machines, as the investigation highlights, there are no specific ice production standards in place, only those relating to unfrozen drinking water, we would therefore welcome the introduction of an agreed standard and would be happy to work with relevant bodies.”

Professor of Bacteriology and Food Safety Tom Humphrey said: “It is pleasing that Escherichia (E-coli) the bacterium that is most accurate and reliable indicator of faecal contamination was not found in any ice samples from McDonald’s restaurants, low levels of two other indicator bacteria coliforms and enterococci were found in some ice samples, these can be used as an assessment of water hygiene, but as they are widely distributed in the natural environment, they are not reliable indicators of potential health risks.”

 You can read more about this bacteria HERE

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