O.J Simpson will be released from prison in October

O.J. Simpson will be released in October after winning over a parole board in Nevada.

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Simpson was assessed by the panel as a temporary substance abuser, he has no gang connections, in jail he completed a computer course and was never in trouble during his time locked up, he has no prior convictions and so his risk score was low, but having offended in the wy he did this scores a high risk score.

The panel did say that Simpson was unemployed at the time of the offence and was in retirement process.

He attended a course called alternative to violence course , his commitment to change is through religion, OJ said “I had a pretty much a conflict free life” he thinks the Alternative to violence course  should be mandatory for all prisoners.

Simpson thinks he does not have an alcohol problem, and apologised to all of nevada and takes full responsibility for his actions

All board members voted to release Simpson, with tough conditions that must be met, Simpson cannot believe it and could not contain his excitement.




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