Travellers break barriers and park up on Walton Park in Sale

Two caravans have been spotted in Walton Park in Sale, thought to be from the Traveller community.

File_000 (70).jpeg

It is believed they broke the barriers at the Raglan Road entrance in the early hours of this morning July 24.

The park was awarded a green flag status for its family orientated theme and upkeep which Amey One Trafford to an extent have done a fairly good job.

Travellers were evicted from the football fields on Firsway about a mile north-west of Walton Park after the council and police sought a court order, on the ground we could see people looking on with concern on their faces.

File_000 (71).jpeg

Travellers are allowed to stay on land that they have right to be on, just like everyone else, causing damage or making a mess of the area they are in, could be why many people have issues with them.

A spokesman for Trafford Council said: “We are aware and have visited site today, We are following the legal process required to evict the travellers and are working as quickly as this process allows.

“If you have any further concerns about damage being done or anti-social behaviour, please contact the Police on the 101 number, quoting reference 2124-23/7.”


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