Welcome to cleaner air and localised electrical outages well before 2040

The government set out today to clean up the air in our towns and cities, bur fell short of what was really needed, and the time it will take for all these plans to kick in.


Electric cars will already part of life from 2019 and is expected to become very popular, not only for the good feelings that you will be helping the environment, but also saving you a lot of money.

These cars will need special electrical pumps at stations and will be connected to the national grid, we expect once car ownership rises localised electrical outages will become an issue, more so at peak times or during the winter, putting vulnerable people at risk.

The government has produced a plan of action and how much it will cost in 2040:

• £1 billion – ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs). This includes investing nearly
£100m in the UK’s charging infrastructure and funding the Plug In Car and Plug In
Van Grant Schemes.
• £290 million – National Productivity Investment Fund. In the Autumn Statement
2016, a further £290 million was committed for reducing transport emissions which
includes £60 million for new buses and £40 million for bus retrofits, £50 million for a
Plug In Taxi programme and £80 million for ULEV charging infrastructure.
• £11 million – Air Quality Grant. We have awarded over £11 million under our Air
Quality Grant scheme to help local authorities improve air quality.
• £89 million – Green Bus Fund. The UK government has invested a total of almost
£89 million via the Green Bus Fund to help bus companies and local authorities in
England to put over 1,200 new low-carbon buses on the roads.
• £27 million – Clean Bus Technology Fund and Clean Vehicle Technology
Fund. Since 2013, government has awarded over £27 million to retrofit almost
3,000 of the oldest vehicles (mainly buses) including through the Clean Bus
Technology Fund and the Clean Vehicle Technology Fund.
• £1.2 billion – Cycling and walking. In April 2017, the UK government published its
Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy which identifies £1.2 billion which may be
invested in cycling and walking from 2016-2021.
• £100 million – National road network. Through the Road Investment Strategy, the
UK government has allocated a ring-fenced £100 million for an Air Quality Fund
available through to 2021 for Highways England to help improve air quality on its

Here in Trafford we need better cycling infrastructure, the opening of the disused railway line that goes over the A56 at Broadheath and goes all the way to Manchester Road in Partington would go a  long way in helping clean up the air and more importantly getting bums on saddles.

The creation of more tunnels might sound far-fetched, but if you think about it the idea has some credibility, for example the Stretford Realm project underway now could have had two tunnels for north and south bound traffic leaving all that area above pedestrianised, and made it easier for cyclists to connect to the Bridgewater canal tow path.

Of course you cannot have tunnels everywhere! so creating clean air zones where possible, more so on Washaway Road in Sale and other big roads in the borough must happen, the health of everyone in Trafford is being hit hard, the Tories will be blaming Labour other than themselves, this is now a normal thing for them, two wrongs never made a right I am sure you will agree, and these plans whilst on the label looks good to wear, really is not going to make much difference.

You can view the governments plans HERE


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