Altrincham residents unhappy with the council we find out why

We spoke with many residents over the weekend whilst doubling up with the Green Party about issues.

Screenshot 2017-07-31 at 11.43.14 AM.png

The majority are clearly unhappy with the One Trafford Partnership, and with the Tories for helping make things worse, where criminality has taken a hold and serious car parking issues are of great concern.

Car Parking issues are not just a problem for Altrincham but borough wide, its down to infrastructure, and to build new infrastructure needs money, money the council keep saying they none, yet as an example they spent over £4m on LCCC, money gone down the drain again seems to be something that many people in the borough are saying these days! many are Conservative voters, and are now fed up with them!

Pollution was mentioned, as residents near to the Stockport Road fly-over have to deal with many issues, we saw roads and streets so old it was like going back in time.

Stamford New Road was also a concern for many of those we spoke with, but the most disturbing to us was the crime issues, more so what we have been told is a large gathering under the bridge on Grosvenor Road, indeed the area is filthy and full of gang graffiti, weed bags ca n be seen making it look like something from the equaliser.

Due to police cut backs, criminality has gone through the roof, so much so that on many occasions we found police are not even recording events, not informing the media! events like the car crash on Brooklands Road and others we had to chase up ourselves when in normal times these events would have come through.

Altrincham is strong enough to fight back, but they all need to stick together and become a force, Partington has shown the way! we understand that “You pay your council tax” and “We pay the police” that is right and morally you should be getting what you paid for, but your are not, it is the biggest con I think their has ever been, although the TV licence comes very close to this!

What we are saying here is, due to the way the government has tried to destroy everything we have and this includes areas like Altrincham that have always for some weird reason always voted for the Tories,they need to fight back and help your own area the best way you can.

By fixing drains like the one on Stamford New Road simply by using a garden hoe, by cutting hedges and killing weeds with a strimmer, by cleaning up, of course things like fly tipping and other things are the job for the council and they will fix whatever the issues are, although sadly this make take some time.

Criminality can be sorted out simply by saying no to it, by getting everyone together and reporting things as soon as an event occurs, not by tackling it yourself! by cleaning up areas where gangs hang out, they hate clean areas! graffiti is for the council to fix.

If we all just did something, anything! just to make a difference, you will see the results coming, and this will shame the council, the choice is yours!


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