Fly tipping comes back to haunt Woodcote Road in Broadheath

A fly tipping hot spot in Broadheath where tons of rubbish has been dumped by irresponsible people over many years has been free of rubbish for months until now!

File_000 (81).jpeg

Sunday we saw a pile of rubbish dumped on private land on Woodcote Road which is just off Sinderland Lane, the more frustrating thing is there is a tip only yards away! the rubbish seen was general waist and a few things that a child once used.

Lets make this clear, that land on both sides are private property, asking the council to pick it up is going to take much longer than if the rubbish dumped was on Trafford land, that rubbish seen in the picture will now be their rotting away for months, there are still bags of rubbish decaying in that area that had been dumped years ago!

Fly tipping is a disgrace when we all know it is free to dump waste, all you need is a van up to 6ft 2ins tall and it can even be a trades van! so long as your rubbish is household waste you have 2 tonnes per year to dump!

It is likely that those doing the fly tipping are coming from another area, the only way of catching these people is by use of CCTV cameras at hot spots, we believe the tip could lend a camera as they have more cameras than a live premier league game at their site! this would be one for the council to look into.

We ask residents to report all fly tipping to the council by emailing


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