Bins in Partington not emptied for weeks we call on councillors to do more

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Partington is well and truly on the up, having ourselves checked the area regular for months we have seen a huge change…except for the bins and vegetation issues.


One area of concern is in Cross Lane park, where bins have not been emptied for weeks and is now causing concern for residents, more so because most of the bins contain full dog poop bags.

Oddly we saw a bag with a huge Trafford Council logo on it, maybe someone is trying to tell the council something!

Another bin is now full on Wood Lane next to a bus stop, News4trafford has reported all bins and hope that One Trafford will see this is a serious problem and empty the bins, we will keep on top of this and all the problems facing residents not only in Partington but elsewhere in Trafford.

News4trafford will also be contacting the parish council in Partington today to see if they can add some weight to the bin issues, and see if they can help get rid of the vegetation issues down walk ways.

Really your councillors and we are not just talking about Partington here! should be on to this as their are ‘full bin’ issues borough wide now, whilst no blame is aimed at anyone, we really do believe that whilst ‘some’ councillors can only do what they can do, relying on reports alone is not good enough for us and it is time that they started earning their money and get of the couch and go that extra mile for the people that voted you in, that gave you your luxury lifestyle.

We applaud the two Labour councillors in Urmston for going that extra mile for residents, showing not only care for them, but love for where they live, knowing full well that really the council should have done the job, they lead the way for others to follow, in what has become a very sad situation where the Tories have sold all our front line services to a company or group that couldn’t run a bath!, one Trafford resident said “If One Trafford died it would take 20 days for the funeral”



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