Hurricane Harvey set to make landfall over Texas

Hurricane Harvey is now a category two hurricane and currently rushing towards the gigantic state of Texas in the US.

It is expected to make landfall in the next couple of hours, and emergency services are telling people to leave before it is too late, those pleas seemed to have been listened to as a long line of traffic out to safety could be seen for miles.

This hurricane is one of the biggest ever to hit the US mainland and will cause extensive damage to many areas, due in part because the amount of water that will be dumped, there is also a fear that the hurricane will start to move out towards towards the sea and gain strength again, and may return to hit the same areas again.

The UK has had its own storms of the past and this year it is expected to be no different, our strongest winds tend to be in the gusts which have got to hurricane strength, with the seas rising, we will see more flooding in a shorter time.

(Photo NOAA)


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