One Trafford

The proof One Trafford are neglecting our parks

Our parks are being neglected by an incredibly rubbish and irresponsible One Trafford Partnership.

Walton Park has had its football pitch cut once in the last two months! they had the pitch marked out, we spoke to a contractor, and he was not impressed either, the biggest part of the park is the football pitch and now looks abandoned!

Even when they came to cut the grass they could not be bothered to do this properly, leaving mounds of grass behind, and the length they cut the grass must have been around the 1mm mark.

It was also noted that the machine they were using caused damage to the pitch, only today we saw families and kids playing around the pitch, it was incredibly frustrating for all and does not help with its high status currently enjoyed, it puts people off, football teams cannot play on that surface, and soon water logging will cause further damage, and then we will have naughty old man with the little white dog letting it poop everywhere and others, since now you cannot see your feet the grass is that long.


This year so far has been one bad year for the park, with the toilets not being opened up, grass not cut, bins not emptied for days, drug use up during the evening and fly tipping near the sports centre, it is time Trafford Tories had a chat with Amey to get this sorted out, as a matter of urgency.

A political source tells us that they will not tear up the contract due to the amount of money the council will owe Amey, however surely in that contract there must be a clause saying “We can cancel this contract at anytime if you fail to deliver the product you  promised us” this would make sense, nothing though surprises us, if no terms were drawn up by one of the most irresponsible, backward thinking, and badly run councils in Trafford’s history.

Each and every one of them Tories even with their excuses can no longer ignore what is becoming an absolute disaster for Trafford.



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