Police urge the public to think before using the 101 number

Many people know how frustrating it is when no one answers when you call the 101 service, well GMP have come up with a ‘4 step’ rule that will help make things faster.

GMP is urging the public to make the right choice and consider all of the options for getting in touch or finding information from them with the new “4 step rule”.

Designed to help people get the best help as quickly as possible, the “4 step rule” asks people to consider who they call about an issue, if information is already readily available or whether they should be calling 101 or 999.

The Force’s new website and an online chat functionality has helped the Force give people different contact methods and they are now asking people to think before they pick up the phone.

Assistant Chief Constable Vanessa Jardine from GMP said: “At a time when we’re working to ensure we are focused on keeping people safe we are always looking to find new ways to work more efficiently and effectively. This includes looking at how we can provide access to services in the most effective way possible.

“We need to encourage people to think a little differently than they have before – calling us on 101 is often people’s go-to reaction when they need advice outside of an emergency. We want to help people realise that there is already lots of information out there, that sometimes there are more appropriate or specialist services available but that ultimately, we will always be on hand if someone needs us.

 “We are committed to supporting the people of Greater Manchester, and want to provide the best service we possibly can. We all need to work together to achieve this.”

Greater Manchester Police received 1.5 million calls in the year leading up to July this year. They are working with local authorities, partner agencies and stakeholders and the people of Greater Manchester to continue to develop a service that best serves everyone. This includes changes to public enquiry counters, developments to police contact points across Greater Manchester and a new lost and found online reporting service, alongside developments to the website and the trial of a live chat function.

  Follow the 4 steps below:

Follow the 4 step rule… which one is best for you?:

 Step 1: Is it a police issue? Or is there another service that is better suited? Take a look at our most asked questions for advice on who is best to help you at

 Step 2. Is the information already on our website? We’ve got lots of crime prevention advice and information on your local neighbourhood policing team at There’s also a place for you to ask us a quick question if you need to.

 Step 3. Has a crime already happened, and you want to report it? Do you want to share some information with us? Call 101.

 Step 4. Is a crime happening right now, or is a life or property at risk? Call 999 right away.


(Image: GMP)

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