Future Carrington

Work set to begin in early 2018 on the new Carrington village


HIMOR the group who is to build this gigantic village in Carrington, that will cast a big shadow over Partington, is set to begin work sometime in early 2018.

The biggest issues many people in Partington and surrounding areas had been with road infrastructure, and this is still an issue today, people are still very concerned about what will happen.

HIMOR and indeed Trafford and the councilors, all forget that once this village is created, Partington ‘may’ have an extra 550 new apartments built, HS2 could be built or in its final stages.

Where are all these cars going to go? well HIMOR have done something about this, not much west bound, but they are widening east bound lanes and creating a special little bus stop so traffic can flow, they are correct to say buses at this time do tend to block up Manchester Road when they stop.

We feel though it is not enough, Manchester Road will flow better to a point, however it does nothing in the middle or at the Partington end, it is off the scale of how many more cars and vans will be using this road once everything has been completed, even if Peel decide they no longer want to build on flooded land just behind Lock Lane.

We have Carrington at heart also, this is Trafford after all, we also care about Warburton residents who never get a look in, even in people from Lymm need to use Manchester Road, it is going to be a disaster, unless HIMOR and others get back around the table and look at this with more thought.

Already we are noticing more traffic on Sinderland Lane, it will be here where everyone will head to, and it will not be able to take that amount of traffic, it is to narrow for one and the surface is dreadful in many parts.

Cycling infrastructure was high on our priority list, and we welcome the plans to create a quality cycling network, something we will keep our eye on! it would be of no use if the plan is only to create lanes for the development, what will be good is if they could add high quality paths to existing cycle paths, with the help of ‘Sustrans ‘I am sure they can get the right result, opening up the ‘never to be used again’ train line to cyclists should always be kept in mind!

Pollution will be another issue, it is long been proven that standing traffic creates the most pollution, we have noticed SAICA are no longer making people sick, often we could smell and even tasted paper! we did not believe that the billowing smog they let out was completely clean, however they have chosen the right path and we applaud them.

All these things are a big deal for many people, and it is only when all sit around a table to iron out every little thing, everyone’s concerns no matter how small, this is when everyone moves forward in the right direction, as of now this is not the case!





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    • Hi, we are concerned about the badly thought out plans, all of the smallish road widening is on the east side, and at or around Flixton Road, this will do little to help traffic flow, carpakington did make us laugh though, sounds about right.


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